Sunday, September 7, 2014

Book-a-Day 7: Forgot I owned it

Rabbiting On and other Poems by Kit Wright, illustrated by Posy Simmonds.

I haven't really ever forgotten that I owned this, but I had thought that I had lost it or given it away.  Until I moved house this year and found it at the bottom of a box.

It's a wonderful collection of funny poetry for children, and given that I am not at all interested in poetry it's significant that it's the only book of poetry I've ever read.  Throughout the years I thought this had gone from my life I remembered one poem in particular and I'll post it here so you can get a feel for what the book holds in store...

The Moon's a big white football
The Sun's a pound of butter
The Earth is going round the twist
And I'm a little nutter.

There you are, the only poetry I can quote by heart.

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