Saturday, September 27, 2014

Book-a-Day 27: Want to be one of the characters

Hmmm, this is a difficult one as rather than imagine myself as one of the characters I tend to imagine what would happen if I, Lorraine, were inserted into the book as me.  

What if I was with Jane when Rochester nearly knocked her over on his horse… 
what if I was a student at the University with Kvothe?  
What if Karou had two friends, Zuzanna and me?  

I’m afraid this is the one day that I just cannot give you a book.  In all honesty for the good books I read, I imagine myself into every scene.  Sometimes a silent observer, sometimes an active participant in events.

Even if the book is written in the first person I (Lorraine) imagine that I (the narrator) see me (Lorraine) standing nearby.  Do you do this?  I find it surprisingly easy, given that I as the narrator am not myself.  

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