Monday, September 22, 2014

Book-a-Day 22: Out of print

This one flummoxed me I'm afraid.  With the advent of eReaders and the fact that I tend to buy new books, rather than secondhand, I don't know if I have any that are out of print.

The closest I think I can get to that is Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson.  It was originally published in the 1930's, and out of print for a long while, until 2000, when Persephone Books re-printed.  I for one am very glad they did.  It's fabulous and gave a single 40 year old (me) hope for the future.

EDIT:  I was looking for a copy of Rabbiting On from day 7 on Amazon (mine is old and battered and the cover is barely hanging on, and I’ve written on the inside my name and class number at school).  Anyway, I figure it has to be out of print now (originally published 1978), as only one new copy is available, priced at just short of £2500!!!  Used copies are priced from 1p.

Sadly mine is in such poor condition it probably isn't worth more than 1p at best.

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