Saturday, September 6, 2014

Book-a-Day 6: The one I always give as a gift

Well, to be honest I don't tend to gift books.  None of those I buy for at Birthdays and Christmas are really into reading, so books tend to be unappreciated by people who are not me.

I get excited when I give gifts, especially when it's a book I've loved.  I want to describe it to them, basic plot and all that, but really I just want to tell them how it made me feel.

My non-reading family say they're too busy or don't have the attention span... personally I 'make' time for reading, and if that means a little dust builds up I'm OK with that.  If I don't have the attention span then I just figure I'm reading the wrong book and I switch.  Not having time/not wanting to read/other strange reason not to read just does not compute :-)

When I do try to gift books I give ones I can personally recommend and that I know will be well received by the reader.  To my sister I gave a copy of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak for Christmas 2013.  I have yet to meet anyone who did not LOVE that book.  Sadly my sister has been reading The Hunger Games Trilogy for nearly two years now so she hasn't started The Book Thief yet.   I so want to talk to her about it, I know she's going to love it, and it's killing me she hasn't read it yet.

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