Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book-a-Day 30: Would save if my house burned down

As I sit here pondering the answer to this I can see my overloaded bookshelves and I can’t think of a single book I wouldn’t be prepared to sacrifice if it was a choice between me or them.  But at the same time it’s like trying to choose which of your children you save.  They all have a piece of my heart.

For sentimental reasons I would probably want Jane Eyre, because of what reading it signified to me.  Or maybe Rabbiting On, as a rediscovered childhood favourite.  For financial reasons it would probably be either my first edition of The Bone Season, my Folio editions, my signed first editions of The Southern Reach trilogy, or my signed Nora Roberts books.

Though to be honest my apartment is so small that if I had enough time to sort through books to find the one I'd save, I could probably have enough time to put the fire out.

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