Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday # 6

Welcome to my Top Ten Tuesday list! The Top Ten Tuesday meme originates at The Broke and The Bookish, check out their site for more information.

This weeks Top Ten list is my Top Ten Favourite Book Covers (of books I've read).

Most of my books are in storage at the moment, so I'm kind of limited by my terrible memory, and only those books I've recorded on Goodreads, hence there are a couple on here that are high on my TBR list.  I've spent a few days trying to recall what books tempted me to buy and read, based mostly on their covers. A book cover might play a good part in my selecting a book, but once read it's relegated to the back of my mind for the most part.

Here's what I could come up with;

Not just one book but the entire Thursday Next series - so colourful, and I'm a little bit of a petrolhead, so I love that there's a car on the cover of every book. Does this count as seven books?

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. The cover is nice enough, but I love the unusual shape of the hardback version of the book, it's much more square (squat?) than you'd normally see.  It's one of the books in storage, so I don't have a picture to illustrate I'm afraid.

The Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw - I must admit I have not read this one, but I couldn't leave it out of this list. The hardcover version is STUNNING!! Here's a live photo of it, so you can see it's beauty. It's not just the cover that strikes me as gorgeous, I love the silver edged paper. The whole thing is beautiful.

The Universe versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence. I'm sorry, it's another that I haven't read, but the cover reminded me of Corfe Castle, where we would often find ourselves on holiday cracking jokes like "Is that the Castle I see before me?" to which someone else would reply "Of Corfe if is!" Yes, we're easily amused.  Here's a couple of pics so you can see where I'm coming from:

The Teleportation Incident by Ned Baumann, I'm reading this at the moment, and so it kind of fits the brief of this weeks Top Ten. I love the Deco feel of the cover.

The Vanishing Act by Mette Jakobsen, everything you need to know about the story is on the cover... the little girl gazing out to sea from a snow covered island.

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I just loved this. The lonely figure perched on a pole, the glimpse of a venetian like city across the water and the gilt embossed title with it's sweeping f. I kept stopping to flip back to the cover hoping I might somehow have missed the Elderglass structures that feature so strongly in the book. The sequel 'Republic of Thieves' cover looks fab too, it features some fantastic clothes.

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier - I bought a special edition hardback cover which I just couldn't resist when I saw it on Amazon.

The Discworld Books by Terry Pratchett. Every one of them. Everything you need to know about the story, all the characters and so on, are all on the covers, and I love that the picture spans the back and front cover as a single picture. Just fab!

Mr Penumbra's Bookstore by Robin Sloan. At first an assault on the eyes, but then you notice the ladder and the books propped up on every surface, and as I have a thing about bookshelves I can't help but like it.

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