Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday First Paragraph's # 5

Friday's come around again, so it's First Paragraph's time.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce is next months book club read.  I read it last summer and loved it, and I'm quite looking forward to reading it again.

It's one of those books that feels just about OK while you're reading it.  I remember thinking that it wasn't really living up to the hype, but it's pleasant enough, amusing and at times intriguing, but not overly special.  By the end you realise you've had your socks knocked off.  It's wonderful!!  But you do have to read it all, this is not a book to give up on.

Here goes....

Harold and the Letter

The letter that would change everything arrived on a Tuesday. It was an ordinary morning in mid-April that smelled of clean washing and grass cuttings. Harold Fry sat at the breakfast table, freshly shaved, in a clean shirt and tie, with a slice of toast that he wasn't eating. He gazed beyond the kitchen window at the clipped lawn, which was spiked in the middle by Maureen's telescopic washing line, and trapped on all three sides by the neighbours' close-board fencing.
'Harold!' called Maureen above the vacuum cleaner. 'Post!'

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