Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strategy for bookshop shopping?

What's your strategy for shopping in a bookshop?

It's rare these days that I get to roam in a bookshop browsing for new things, when I do get to one I find that I spend most of my time looking for authors I am familiar with. Which means I don't get to expand my reading much.

One of the benefits of the book club has been to open my eyes to new genres and authors.

Occasionally I will go to amazon if a favoured author has a new release, and might be tempted into looking at the 'other customers also bought' books.

Mr B's book spas are another brilliant way of finding new books I would never have looked at otherwise, knowing that it's safe to do so because the books I am presented with have been selected with my personal tastes in mind.

But I struggle to walk into a high street bookshop and randomly look through books until I find some I think I'll like. I never know where to start.

Do you go in with an idea of what you're looking for?

Do you go in looking for authors you're familiar with? Or for books you've seen on a review somewhere?

Do you look mainly at the table with the 3for2 stickers?

Do you look at titles/covers first then decide to read the blurb? or do you just go to the new releases section and read through until you've selected the one(s) you want?

I don't have anymore bookshelf space left, but I never feel like I have enough books anyway. I love my kindle, but there's something about a real book that just feels better.

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