Sunday, April 7, 2013


I've just added a couple of links in the Literary Stuff gadget on the right of the screen.  Since switching the blog template to the new dynamic templates the old boxes have disappeared and instead you now have to hover the little sidebar on the right to select the gadget.

Also since switching I've been getting a lot more page views.  I previously had about 50 in six months (mostly mine), until this week and now it's nearly 500.  Hopefully not all by accident.  Welcome to any new readers!

Back on topic... I've added a link to a couple of blogs that I read regularly.

1. Bibliophile by the sea - I don't know how she reads so many but I am very impressed!  This blog is also the source and inspiration for my 'First Paragraphs' blog posts.  A singularly brilliant idea!

2. Fennell Books - A fabulous blog run by a friend from the same book club that I belong to.  Again, I'm very impressed by the sheer volume of books Ms F manages to read.  And I love her literary links posts.  Note to self - check the literary links posts early as I usually miss the radio shows.  Must make more use of iPlayer.

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