Friday, February 22, 2013

First Chapter, First Paragraphs

Advent by James Treadwell


A December night 1537

   On a wild night in deep winter in the year 1537, the greatest magus in the world gathered together and dismissed his household servants, wrapped himself in his travelling cloak, took his staff in one hand and in the other a small wooden box sealed with pitch and clasped with silver, and stepped out into the whirling sleet, bound for the harbour and - so he expected - immortality.
   All but the city's most utterly forlorn inhabitants had been driven from the streets by the bitter weather.  The reamining beggars and strays were fully occupied with their struggle to survive until dawn, so the magus walked uninterrupted through alleys of filthy slush.  Nobody so much as saw him; any lifted eyes would have been stung by the icy rain, which felt as if it blew from every direction at once.  Nobody but one.

I'm reading on, would you?

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