Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spiffing, What Ho!

To follow up on yesterday's post about the play I saw last night, Perfect Nonsense, I did in fact go.  Earlier in the day I had considered cancelling, but decided not to waste the ticket.

And am I glad I did?  I am indeed my fine friends.  It was very very good.  I have not laughed so much in ages, and I'm not even talking about when the backdrop was being lowered and caught on the stage furniture (twice!).   Even between laugh-out-loud funny moments I am sure I sat there with a grin on my face.  I'm grinning even now just typing this out.  It was the perfect tonic after a stressful day at work.  For once I don't even mind that I got home quite late and didn't get enough sleep.

I have even considered booking to go and see it again!  In a few weeks the show moves down to Reading, and I am highly tempted to see it then and drag along a friend or two.  Helen?

Essentially it's a three man play, with James Lance playing Bertie Wooster.  Wooster has decided to put on a play to retell recent events when his Aunt Dahlia sent him on a mission.  John Gordon Sinclair (primary role of Jeeves) and Robert Goodale (primary role of Seppings) in humouring Wooster take on the parts of the other characters as well.

The staging is simple but brilliant, the comedy is sublime.  A real treat!  Perfect Nonsense indeed!

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