Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Literary Mini Adventure - need some help please...

Not really book related as such, but I am changing my car and need a name for her (could be a he).  My last few cars have been called Sheila (the car I had before I moved to Australia funnily enough), Whizzy (number plate had some of the letters) and my current car is Clover, as C, L, O, V and R are in the number plate.  My old MG had T, B and O in the numberplate, so that had three names: The Beast Outside; The Blue Orgasmatron, and rather more sedately; Tobermory.

I'd like to give the car a name from literature that suits him/her, and some suggestions would be helpful if you can think of anything.  I'm open to suggestion.

Here's some information about the car to try and help.
  • The car is a Mini Cooper D Countryman.
  • Number plate letters are A, G, N, S and J, numbers are 11, so possibly could use two I's.  I may change the number plate in time, so my first thought of Agnes may not work later on.
  • Royal Grey colour with black accents (bonnet/hood stripes, roof and wing mirror caps).
  • Small, but bigger and a little more butch than a regular Mini.
 I've attached a picture, I don't think it's an overtly feminine car, though men may disagree ;-)

I thought of Agnes as in Agnes Grey of course, but would like some other less obvious options.

I love the Gentlemen Bastards series by Scott Lynch, Locke is small and clever which I think suits this car. You could say I'd been 'Locke'd' and call the car Locke.  Also there's the whole 'Locke taking you for a ride' in-joke, and terrible puns about locking it... etc etc...

Please leave your suggestions below.  Excuse me, I'm off to investigate Mini accessories and car vacuums...

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