Monday, October 7, 2013

To Poe or not to Poe?

When we were throwing around ideas for October's book club read Edgar Allan Poe was suggested as a possible option.  We wanted creepy, in keeping with the time of year, and he seemed to fit.  He wasn't my suggestion, as all I knew about Poe at the time was he'd written a poem called The Raven.

We didn't select Poe in the end for our book club, but in researching available editions of his works I found a few complete works of Poe on Amazon for the Kindle for just 77p.  Can't be bad for 77p for everything he wrote right?

October was supposed to be a cheap month but has been anything but cheap, so I haven't invested yet but intend to when I'm not having to be quite so careful.  Having spent years not knowing much at all about Poe suddenly everywhere I turn his name is appearing.

There was a Documentary on BBC FOUR last week which I recorded, looking at his life, and relationships with women, so important to his writing. I found it on You Tube for those who might be interested and who don't have access to BBC Four, or BBC iPlayer:

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