Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini book haul

A few weeks ago I was wandering along Weymouth promenade and came across a charity stall selling bric a brac and a few second hand books.  Well, what book lover can resist a big old pile of books? Not me!

I spied one by Malorie Blackman with a striking black and white cover, and then another.  I've seen a few good reviews for the noughts and crosses series, and at 50p each they were a bargain, but two out of three does not a trilogy make.  I was missing the first one.  I bought them because Why the heck not?

I was coming around to the idea that I'd never find the first and would have to pay full price, but lo and behold I was out on sunday and we passed a car boot sale*. My cousin is having a baby and she can't pass a boot sale as she's in search of cheap baby gear. On the way around I found the missing book from my trilogy. I could hardly believe my luck. 30p and my collection was complete.  And lying right next to it were the first two Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness.  The knife of never letting go keeps coming up in my book spas at Mr B's, couldn't pass them up at 30p each now could I?

I've been good and restrained otherwise, and only bought October's club book by Jeanette Winterson - The Daylight Gate. Which I'm looking forward to when it eventually gets here.  EDIT: I had a call from home, there's a parcel waiting for me... Gleeeeeee!

* A car boot sale is when you load up your car with your yard/garage sale items and drive to a prearranged location, usually a field or car park.  You park up and sell your items by laying them out next to you car. People walk around all the cars and hopefully buy your junk.

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