Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday # 17

This week's top ten is all about what makes our blogging lives easier.  Definitely need to check this one out with other bloggers since I've been so lax lately.

I only made nine again this week...

Blogspot scheduler!! This means that when I'm away for the next two weeks on holiday my Top Ten's etc… will still get published (though not linked to from Broke and Bookish).  Provided I'm organised enough and have read enough to write about naturally.

Bookmarks!  I'm good at remembering page numbers but when I put a book down for a long time and then return to it it's good to know where I left off.  I can usually pick up the story again quickly.

Kindle - when I'm away I love my kindle, it really comes into it's own.  I've taken stacks of books on holiday before, but they take up so much room, they weigh so much, and I hate leaving them behind.  My kindle means I can take hundreds of books wherever I go with no extra baggage allowance needed.  I recently lost my kindle, and I hated not having it to hand.  Found it now, just in time for my holiday!

My book journal.  When I'm being good and organised I write down details of the books I'm reading, what I think, quotes I like etc… which makes it easier to write reviews afterwards, and I don't have to reread the book to get the quotes I want!  I've been very bad at doing this lately!

Goodreads - I keep track here of everything I've read since starting my goodreads account, how I rated it, which edition I read, the ISBN number, picture which I use for the blog etc… seriously makes things easier.  I also love their Quotes section, meaning I can always find that quote I forgot to note down when I was reading.

Other people's blogs, not just for ideas of new books to read, but to get alternative perspectives on something I've just read which sometimes help to corral my thoughts.

My book club - At least once a month there will be a book that I have to read, often well out of my comfort zone.  This has opened up totally new horizons for me, well worth it!  In addition our discussions give me more to think about, which I would hope rounds out my reviews.

My bath tub.  Seriously.  Our house is crazy busy and it's not that often that I am granted some peace and quiet to read.  Bathtime is often the only chance I will get to relax in peace and read uninterrupted for a while (until someone knocks on the door to ask if I've died in there).

Library!! From online book location and reservations service, to being able to use any library in Hampshire.  I've seriously under used my library for many years, and it's time to start before they all disappear.  Not only does it save me money, I don't overload my shelves, and I HAVE to read the book in the allotted time, none of that putting it aside and leaving it for months.

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  1. Good choices! Love the bath tub one :) I never read in the tub, but if it relaxes you, that's great. Thanks for sharing your ideas.