Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas and all the trimmings.

Merry Christmas! It's a little late I know, but in our house we all got struck down with a cold over Christmas and are just beginning to emerge from the flu-fog.

I hope Father Christmas was generous with you, I got several books, and all but one was from my wish list. The one that wasn't must have been a mistake as its about 'daughters' and as far as I know Father Christmas is not my parent. I tried reading it but it made me cry, so it will have to wait til I'm feeling better and a little more stable ;-)

I haven't even felt able to pick up a book, and that was my main plan for this Christmas - to make a serious dent in my to be read pile. I tried yesterday with a copy of Epitaph for a Spy by Eric Ambler, but read a page and a half and couldn't remember a thing I'd read. I'd been reading and re-reading the same page for half an hour before I had to admit defeat.

I'm going to try again today with The Howling Miller by Arto Paasilinna. Wish me luck.

As for the new year, I wish you and yours a very happy healthy 2013!

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